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Act II

[Scene 3]

Ocaña If my eyes are not deceiving me1090
I’m certain that your holiness’s soul
is ailing somewhat.
Little Cristina is like a dart,
an arrow, or even a harpoon,
which Cupid fires into the heart.1095
She is a fire, a thunderbolt…
did I say a thunderbolt?
Two or three more likely!

Torrente And you sir, who are you?

Ocaña I am the footman of this house,1100
and although my niche is the stables,
Cupid’s ice and fire
consumes and martyrs me.
Between sieve and manger,
amidst straw and oats,1105
night and day love’s fever burns me.

Torrente And is Cristina the cause
of this great conflagration?

Ocaña I don’t know who it is,
I only know that my heart1110
has been turned into a burning coal.

Torrente If it is Cristina I will put a stop
to certain bold thoughts she has just provoked
I have no intention of being your rival—
such baseness is repugnant to me.1115
I’ll be on my best behaviour while I’m here,
though the fire of this girl
who I adore may burn me.
I will nip my first thoughts in the bud,
wishing to get to know you1120
so that I can do your favour.
Fleets do not always have to be shipwrecked. 23
One of them should prosper,
and share with us its fortune.

Ocaña I kiss your feet, extraordinary1125
and most worthy pilgrim.
You’ve managed to soften in one moment
a diamantine heart.
I, who suffered pangs of jealousy when I saw you,
place them here at your feet,1130
semi-conscious, or maybe even dead!

Torrente Get up, señor.
Don’t prostrate yourself so indecently.
If you do not raise your head
I will have to lower mine!1135
Give me your arms in friendship,
which I intend be longlasting,
as God is my witness.

Ocaña Since you, señor, have credited me
with your pilgrim friendship,1140
I can count on Cristina
submitting like a lamb,
and getting at Quiñones’ goat.

Torrente Seeing you happy means
I can take my leave happily—1145
no word of a lie!

Ocaña [aside] What would really make me happy
is to pull the wool over your eyes,
or my name’s not Ocaña!

Exeunt Torrente and Ocaña

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